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Veteran-Directed Care

and VA Benefits Consultation

What Is the Veteran-Directed Care (VDC) Program?

The program is formally called “Veteran-Directed Home & Community-Based Services (VD-HCBS).” Veteran-Directed Care allows qualified veteran clients of all ages to utilize their program funds to pay caregivers chosen from among their own family and friends, who work to help the veteran clients stay in home settings rather than moving to a nursing home or assisted living. Our Weber Human Services VDC program covers all areas of Weber and Morgan Counties. VDC clients can:

  • Hire their own personal care aides (including family, friends, or neighbors) within the budget allowed to them from the program.

  • Purchase items and services (within their allowed budget from program) that will help them live independently in their home.

What Services Are Provided Through the Veteran-Directed Care (VDC) Program?

Weber Human Services Area Agency on Aging VDC staff will assist with paperwork, explanations, and other case management services for VDC clients. VDC clients are given a flexible monthly budget for services, which they or their appointed representatives can utilize to pay their caregivers. These caregivers can be the veterans’ own family or friends who can provide help for daily activities, including:


  • Eating

  • Getting dressed

  • Personal grooming

  • Bathing

  • Using the bathroom

  • Moving from one place to another

  • Grocery shopping

New law about VA benefits

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Who May Be Eligible for the Veteran-Directed Care (VDC) Program?

  • Veterans with a primary care provider in VA Heath Care (or veterans who will select a primary care provider in VA Health Care).

  • Veterans living in homes and those at risk of nursing home placement (as determined by set criteria for the VA Health Care system through Utah VDC program coordinator).

  • Veterans who are interested in directing their own care. 


Apply for the Veteran-Directed Care (VDC) Program:

If you have questions, please contract our VDC lead case manager, Megan McCourt, at 801-625-3784 (or Megan will consult with you on the application process and direct you to the Utah VDC coordinator, Jamie Stolp, at 801-582-1565, ext. 2492 (or for eligibility determination. 

For VA Benefits Consultation (questions about other benefits for veterans and their families):

Please contact Megan McCourt, VA benefits specialist, at 801-625-3784 (or for free consultation. 

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