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(Weber County Senior Transportation Program)

Weber Human Services’ The RIDE provides transportation services for seniors who have no other means of transportation to access appointments, senior centers or other community interests. It is not medical or assisted transportation, but a curb-to-curb program. Curb-to-curb means that the driver will pull up to the curb or the end of the driveway. The individual must be able to get from his or her residence to the vehicle without assistance. Scheduling is done by telephone, with at least five business days’ notice required to schedule a ride.

Registration for new clients or scheduling is done

by telephone with “The RIDE” office at 801-625-3776.


  • You reside in a Weber County city, in a home or apartment.

  • You do not drive and have no other means of transportation (i.e., you do not qualify for Medicaid medical transportation or UTA Paratransit; are not able to use UTA buses; and do not have any transportation support from family, friends, or others).

  • You are age 60 or above (except for clients of Weber Human Services, for whom age is not a determining factor). This age requirement includes wheelchair service. 

  • You are in a wheelchair or can access a RIDE vehicle with minimal assistance.



Services are available from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (except holidays).

  • Five working days’ notice is required for all appointments, including medical appointments. (This includes trips to Weber Human Services for all authorized clients. Weekends and holidays are not considered working days for purposes of scheduling.)

  • All trips must be pre-scheduled for both initial pickup time and return time (destination pickup).


There is a suggested donation of $6.00 per round trip for the riders. Donations from businesses, residents, and other community leaders are also much appreciated. You can donate to “Senior Services” through Weber Human Services Foundation. Please click the “Donate” button above this screen to access our Foundation page. 



Registration for new clients or scheduling is done by telephone with The RIDE office (801-625-3776). A determination is made at the time of the call regarding eligibility for using The RIDE.

Important Notices from the RIDE:

Non-Discrimination Policy: Click Here Non-Discrimination Policy

Title VI and Language Assistance: Click Here Title VI and Language Assistance

WHS RIDE General Policy for Operation and Priority: Click Here RIDE Priority

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