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Weber Human Services Area Agency on Aging

Senior Center Services


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About Weber County Organization for the Elderly (WCOFE):

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What Are Our Senior Center Services?

Senior centers are community-based centers where seniors can socialize and access service programs such as congregate meals, nutrition/health screenings, exercise, recreation, and education. The WHS Area Agency on Aging provides these services for senior centers, which are managed by cities. Senior center services are delivered for senior citizens through the collaboration of cities, counties, residents, local businesses, and WHS.

For any further questions, please contact our Senior Center Services manager, Cami McFarland, at 801-399-8394 (or

Senior Centers in Weber-Morgan Counties:

  • Golden Hours - 650 25th Street, Ogden 801-629-8864   ​​

Click Here → Newsletter GHSC for Golden Hours Senior Recreation Center's newsletter for August 2023

  • Happy Hours - 222 28th Street, Ogden 801-629-8346

  • Roy Hillside - 5051 S. 2000 W., Roy 801-773-0860

  • Lakeview - 5580 W. 4600 S., Hooper 801-399-8393 for activities.

  • Morgan - 50 W 100 N., Morgan 801-845-4040

  • Northview - 485 E. 2550 N., No. Ogden 801-782-6211

  • Ogden Valley - 131 S. 7400 E., Huntsville 801-745-2220

  • Plain City - 4162 W. 2200 N., Plain City 801-399-8393 for activities.

  • Washington Terrace - 4601 S. 300 W., Ogden 801-621-0161

  • Farr West - 1896 W. 1800 N., Farr West 801-782-3497

  • Marriott-Slaterville - 1570 W. 400 N., 801-627-1919

  • Riverdale* - 4433 S. 900 W., Riverdale 801-621-6086

*Riverdale City manages the center, and it does not receive any services from us. However, Riverdale and WHS AAA mutually support each other.

Meet Kathy, Director of Roy Hillside Senior Center

Meet Karen, Director of Washington Terrace Senior Center

Meet Joan, Ceramics Instructor of Roy Senior Center

Meet Ked, Ceramics Instructor of Washington Terrace Senior Center

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

All the senior centers in Weber-Morgan closed their regular operations during the pandemic. All congregate meals from Weber Human Services have been temporarily suspended; however, seven senior centers in Weber and Morgan continue to serve meals, via Pickup-to-Go (pick-up box lunch) stations during the centers’ regular lunch hours below. Weber Human Services Nutrition needs reservations to prepare the sealed meal packs for those sites. Please call ahead to the site where you would like to pick up a boxed lunch. These boxed lunches are for seniors age 60 or older with a suggested donation of $3 per meal at the pick-up station. These are pick-up meals, and there is no space to congregate on site.

The "Pickup-to-Go" (pick-up box lunch) option has ended as of 3/11/2022. Senior Center Meals (Congregate Meals) have been re-started at each senior center as of 3/14/2022. 

For our special achievement in increasing Meals-on-Wheels/Pickup Meals during the COVID-19 pandemic: Click Here MoWs Achievement 

The "Pickup-to-Go" (pick-up box lunch) option has ended as of 3/11/2022. Senior Center Meals (Congregate Meals) have been re-started as of 3/14/2022 at the senior centers below during their meal times (same as pickup meal times). 

Our Cogregate Meal Stations:

  1. Roy Hillside Senior Center (5051 S. 2000 W. Roy) – Lunch Hours 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday thru Friday - Call Kathy Prevedel at 801-773-0860 to reserve your meal.

  2. Washington Terrace Senior Center (4601 S. 300 W. Washington Terrace) – Lunch Hours 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Monday thru Friday - Call Karen Padilla at 801-621-0161 to reserve your meal.

  3. Norhview Senior Center (485 East 2550 North, North Ogden) – Lunch Hours 11:45 am to 12:45 pm, Mon., Tue., Wed., and Fri. - Call Zella Richards at 801-782-6211 to reserve your meal.

  4. Golden Hours Senior Center (650 25th Street, Ogden) - Lunch Hours 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Monday thru Friday - Call Ginger at 801-399-5230 (or 801-629-8863) to reserve your meal.

  5. Plain City Senior Center (4162 West 2200 North, Plain City) - Lunch Hours 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Wednesday only - Call Amber Sprague at 399-8393 to reserve your meal.

  6. Morgan Senior Center (50 West 100 North, Morgan) - Lunch Hours 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - Call Cissy Toone at 801-845-4040 to reserve your meal.

  7. Marriott-Slaterville City Senior Center (1570 West 400 North, Marriott-Slatervilley) - Lunch Hours 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Tuesday only - Call Beth McDaniel at 399-8393 to reserve your meal.

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